Have you heard of the new Houston Chronicle RE/NEW section?

When I saw that the Houston Chronicle had a new section focused on wellness in my hometown, I was ELATED!!

I am beyond honored to have an article published not only sharing my story in the hopes of helping others but to open up a line of communication with our Houston people!

Where do you go for your resources on wellness locally? Find events, challenges, seminars etc? What do you struggle with the most in wellness? Kids? Family? Work?

Let me know your struggles!

Also let me know what you think and how can I help you in your wellness journey?

Follow the new section and subscribe, it's free and an amazing resource!

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Kelly Fucheck
World Stroke Day 2018

I admit it, I go bonkers on World Stroke Day.

Why? Because not many know of it and I am not surprised, I never knew there was such a day. So I love to post and provide as much information about Stroke as I can, especially this day! Here’s a blog I wrote for American Heart Association Support Network.

Remember F.A.S.T. Face-droop? Arm-limp? Speech-say your name. Time-call 9-1-1

World Stroke Day falls on the 29th of October each year, and is an opportunity to raise awareness of stroke and the huge burden it places on the millions of people worldwide who are directly and indirectly affected by the disease.


Brain & Life Magazine Feature; Many Faces of Stroke

Our Founder Kelly was featured in the June/July 2019 Brain & Life (B&L) Magazine. It is an absolute honor to be included in this amazing magazine with other stroke survivors.


Illustration by Jorge Colombo

Have you heard of B&L? It’s an educational, inspirational and we’ve provided some information about them below.

Brain & Life® is the only magazine focused on the intersection of neurologic disease and brain health. Through diverse perspectives, Brain & Life seeks to connect with readers through news and stories not found anywhere else. Formerly Neurology Now®, Brain & Life is an official publication of the American Academy of Neurology—comprised of more than 36,000 of the world’s best and brightest neurologists—and covers a range of topics including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, epilepsy, concussion, Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders, neuropathy, sleep disorders, migraines and much, much more.

A print subscription to Brain & Life (six issues a year) is available for FREE to anyone residing in the United States who is interested in learning more about neurologic conditions and how to live well with them. All content, plus web extras, is also available on BrainandLife.org.

Because mornings are hectic!

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day.

Some mornings, ok all mornings for me are rushed with trying to attempt to look presentable, making sure not only do I brush my teeth but so do the kids. Getting the kids fed and ready, remembering everyone’s bags then making it to the car only to realize you forgot to feed yourself, so you just end up stopping to get fast food which is blah and not good for your waistline. This recipe is easy and quick and came to me because I had leftover kale and wanted to incorporate it into my breakfast bakes. So here you go!



Brown 1 lb natural turkey sausage, add 1/4 cup white onion with a little bit of olive oil, chop up kale and add to pan and sauté. Move all ingredients to oven safe dish and place 6 eggs cracked raw over the mixture and place in oven for 30min or so at 375 degrees. Check your eggs because they will bake fast. Easy and fast, enjoy!

Want to learn more about how to prepare amazing and healthy foods? Connect with Kelly!

Tara Phelan