Because mornings are hectic!

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day.

Some mornings, ok all mornings for me are rushed with trying to attempt to look presentable, making sure not only do I brush my teeth but so do the kids. Getting the kids fed and ready, remembering everyone’s bags then making it to the car only to realize you forgot to feed yourself, so you just end up stopping to get fast food which is blah and not good for your waistline. This recipe is easy and quick and came to me because I had leftover kale and wanted to incorporate it into my breakfast bakes. So here you go!



Brown 1 lb natural turkey sausage, add 1/4 cup white onion with a little bit of olive oil, chop up kale and add to pan and sauté. Move all ingredients to oven safe dish and place 6 eggs cracked raw over the mixture and place in oven for 30min or so at 375 degrees. Check your eggs because they will bake fast. Easy and fast, enjoy!

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Tara Phelan
Guest Post Stromies

Have you heard of the Stromies?

I hadn’t until recently and what I found out about this group of women is that these women were all stroke survivors and they were telling their stories without any fear.

Three women brought together by the most extraordinary of circumstances. Strokes brought them together- and now they’re homies. Stroke Homies… Stromies.



Three women brought together by the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Now. Angie. Sarah. Tamsen. These women are amazing and I am honored to be a guest post on their social media channels.

Rock on ladies! And Sarah loves 90’s hip hop. Love her even more!

And hope you enjoy my little story.